viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010


My experience at Hazelwood til the moment has been wonderful.
Not only everybody welcomed me in a really nice way when I got here, but also in the daily routine everyone has been very helpful.
I’m doing my teaching practise in Primary 5. I teach them one Spanish lesson a day. They have never heard anything about Spanish apart from the typical words they learn in a summer holidays in the Spanish coast.
To be honest, I felt really comfortable at my class since the first day due to the interest showed by the pupils when I started teaching the lesson.
Teacher’s name is Mrs Blair and she’s a young teacher. At first sight she seemed to be a few distant (even she commanded me a little bit). But this was only my first impression. Time went by and I noticed that she’s a really lovely woman, especially with the children. She’s the kind of teacher that Neill would call ‘’the one who love children instead of hate them’’. At the same time she had won the respect of every child. This is what I like of her classes; because it’s a mix of discipline, love, fun and positive learning as a result of interactive and efficient activities.
What I most like of Hazelwood is the way they teach the children. They pay attention to everyone trying to solve all the needs of the each child. What’s more, all the workers of Hazelwood had accepted this teaching-learning method that it seems to be just oart of the routine.
Eso lo escribi para mi portfolio. Hazelwood es el cole donde hago las practicas. Es un colegio de integracion en el que conviven catolicos y protestantes. A parte de figurar en el curriculum la atencion a la diversidad, la ponen en practica. Todos los niños tienen su propio metodo y ritmo de aprendizaje.

Yo estoy aprendiendo un monton, más que en toda la carrera. Ademas, me he enamorado de Mrs Blair y sus clases.

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